adapptED feature spotlight: Assigning homework to your students

You’re a teacher or tutor and have just completed a lesson on algebra fundamentals with your students. You know that without reinforcement that new knowledge will quickly flow out of their heads, so you’d like to assign some homework.

If you are using adapptED you can easily assign homework and track how your students go. So what do you need to do?

  1. Make sure you are signed in to
  2. Click on the blue Set homework link in the left-hand navigation bar
  3. Use the dropdowns to select your class, the student, course and the module that you’d like to assign concepts from. Then click the Load concepts button.
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3. After clicking the button, the adapptED will load all the concepts relevant to that module. Tick all the concepts that you wish to assign — you can also remove concepts that you no longer want.

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4. Finally, click the Update homework button to assign those topics to the student.

5. You can repeat the process to assign other concepts from different modules, e.g., decimals.

These changes will be reflected on your teacher dashboard. You can read more about the teacher dashboard HERE.

That’s it for now. Happy learning!

adapptED’s mission is to accelerate learning and empower effective teaching.

Know someone who could use some help improving their maths? We are looking for 50 families to join adapptED’s private beta. You can sign up at

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