adapptED feature spotlight: Educator class summary

You’re a teacher or tutor and are preparing for your next lesson. Last lesson you set homework and you want to see whether the students actually completed it or whether they found other things to do.

How can you understand who has been diligent or not?

The Class summary page on adapptED provides an overview of how your students are performing.

If you are logged in as a Teacher you will land on the Class summary page. Otherwise click on the blue Class summary link in the left-hand navigation bar to navigate there.

Image for post
Class summary page with names deleted

The image above shows the Class summary page. It provides a snapshot of each student’s progress for the last 2 weeks. Each circle represents 1 concept or 1 quiz.

The table is structured by

  • The number of concepts that the student has completed in the last 2 weeks;
  • The number of concepts that the student has yet to complete;
  • The number of quizzes completed;
  • The number of quizzes yet to be completed.

Each time you set a new homework concept to a student, it will be reflected here in the Concepts to-do column. Read more about how to do that HERE.


We have gone through a number of evolutions of this page so far,

  • Removing colour-coding after hearing it was distracting
  • Adding concept counts in addition to the visual circles

Have ideas on how to improve this or any other feature? We’d love to hear from you. Post a comment below.

adapptED’s mission is to accelerate learning and empower effective teaching.

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