adapptED feature spotlight: How to connect a new student to your account

Jesse Whelan
2 min readMay 22, 2019

Have you just picked up a new tutoring student or have a new student join your classroom? Before you can start working with them on adapptED you will need to form a student/teacher connection.

Follow these steps to add a new student to your teacher account.

Before you can connect with students ensure they signed up for an account. You will need to know their adapptED login email address in order to connect with them.

  1. Make sure you are signed in to
  2. When you sign in you should be automatically taken to your Teaching Lounge. If not, go click on Teaching Lounge in the top header
  3. In the left navigation, select Manage classrooms.

4. From there select Connection requests.

5. Now enter the login email of the student you want to connect with, e.g. If you don’t know their email address you will need to ask them.

6. If successful you will see them added below in Sent requests

A notification will be sent to student. For privacy reasons your students will need to accept your connection request before the connection is created. Once they have accepted it you will be ready to assign homework and observe progress.

That’s it for now. Happy learning!

adapptED’s mission is to accelerate learning and empower effective teaching.

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