adapptED: set up and manage a parent account

Jesse Whelan
5 min readMay 8, 2019


Do you have a child using adapptED and want to check how they are going? You could ask them to log in and take you through their work however this is likely to lead to frustration for both parties. Instead, a much better way is to set up a parent account so you can track progress whenever you want.

This post will take you through how to create a new parent account and then add your children to it.

Sign up for a Parent Account

Open your favourite web browser (adapptED works best in Chrome, though) and go to Click the big orange button to ‘Sign up’.

Select ‘Parent’ on the next screen to sign up as a parent.

Fill out your details. You’ll need to enter a valid email address as a confirmation email will be sent for verification. Please note it may take up to 5 minutes to receive the verification email. If it hasn’t arrived in that time please check your spam/junk folder.

Log in and add your children to your profile

Once you activate your account you will be logged in. If this doesn’t occur go to and log in.

The first time you log in adapptED will take you through a walkthrough to get familiar with the site. Please read the notification boxes to learn how to use the site. Click ‘Next’ to proceed through the walkthrough.

In the left-hand column you’ll find the navigation links to the different sections on adapptED.

You are now going to connect your children to your profile. Click the orange button to add your children to your profile.

For privacy reasons we don’t allow instant connections between adapptED users. For a parent or teacher to connect with a child/student a request must be made. The student/child then must accept the request before the connection is made.

To send a connection request enter the email that your child uses for adapptED. This may have been created on their behalf. It is the username they use to log in.

Once the connection request has been sent your child will need to log in to their adapptED account and accept your request. The easiest way is for you to log out and let them log in.

Once your child has logged in they need to accept your request. You will then be connected :)

A pop up will appear on the child’s homepage. By clicking ‘Accept’ the connection will be made.

How is my child performing recently? The Learning Dashboard

The next time that you log in, you will have the ability to check your child’s progress. You can also access it through the ‘Family Summary’ link. Use the dropdown to select your child and click the orange button to load their details.

The learning dashboard provides and overview of the progress for the last 2 weeks. It shows

  • The current streak: the number of consecutive days with at least 1 question attempted
  • Concepts completed
  • Concepts remaining to be completed
  • Quizzes remaining to be completed
  • A chart of the number of questions attempted per day

Use the tabs below to view progress on outstanding and completed homework.

How is my child progressing overall? The Mastery Map

If you are interested in seeing how your child is performing across the content select the ‘Mastery Map’ link in the left sidebar.

Make your selection using the dropdown.

The Mastery Map displays your child’s mastery of each concept in a course. The colour of the dot represents how well they understand the concept — darker is better. The purpose of the colouring is to represent how they are likely to perform if tested on that concept today. Dark green means they are very likely to perform well on the test. Grey means they are unlikely to remember.

The colours change over time to match how our brains forget things. When a student completes a concept the concept will be marked dark green. However as time passes the green will become lighter before finally becoming grey.

Grey dots mean it is time to revise the concept again!

The goal for each student should be to keep all the dots at a Practitioner or Master level.

That’s it for now. Happy learning!

adapptED’s mission is to accelerate learning and empower effective teaching.

Know someone who could use some help improving their maths? We are looking for 50 families to join adapptED’s private beta. You can sign up at



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