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  • Main meals are entrees, entrees are appetizers — The word entree relates to entering and an opening, presumably to the main meal of dessert.
  • Meals are huge…-Liz and I have made the mistake of over-ordering a few times; one large pizza to share would have struggled to fit on the kitchen table. Sharing an entree and appetizer is a better option.
  • …and the beer is good — Have yet to establish whether this is a Cambridge thing or welcome change since we were last in mainland USA in 2012 but the quality of the average beer in pubs and bars is really strong. And at $6 a pint for craft beer it is good value too.
  • Boston gets hot — So who knew? Boston gets hot? Ok so 2 minutes on Google would have told me this but it’s weird to think that while I’m sweating through two shirts a day come December we’ll be wadding through feet of snow.

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EdTech entrepreneur, passionate about improving education impact through tech and research-driving practice. Former consultant and engineer. Harvard MBA.

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